A lack of common sense

As previously discussed, F1 is in the middle of an economic squeeze and in my opinion everything should be done to protect the teams and the sport as whole, lest we end up with even more teams leaving the sport.

However the more I read of the FIA’s technical directives, the more I come to the conclusion that the organisation is wholly ineffective in halting arms-race style spending. The reasons are two-fold. Firstly the FIA continues to fail to stop the teams (particularly Red Bull) in their efforts to make the front wing flex; whilst admittedly I am not nearly clever enough to understand by which process the wings do this, I am aware that it is a rather expensive exercise with lots of money being poured into researching different carbon components in an attempt to beat the FIA’s front wing test clampdown.

In addition it is now the second season in which blown diffusers are meant to be illegal. Whilst I acknowledge that from 2014 onwards the exhaust (singular) is mandated to be in a central position in which it will theoretically be unable to blow into the diffuser, but why was this not mandated from 2012? The current method of using the coanda effect to make the exhaust gases seal the diffuser is clearly in contravention of the FIA’s intentions to eradicate the expensive blown diffusers, is clearly employed by nigh-on every team yet the FIA have allowed this to happen.

These two examples are both expensive avenues of investigation in which the more money poured in will result in greater performance. For Caterham and Marussia they simply cannot compete will the more established teams and cannot catch up, yet others still complain that these ‘new teams’ are a joke. However they are simply suffering from a lack of continuity in FIA policy which appears to say one thing yet do another, or more accurately do nothing at all! It is up to the FIA to more closely police the rules in order to allow the backfield teams to catch up and level the playing field before more teams are priced out of the sport.


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